Proactively plan and manage cross-functional CMC resource capacity

All stages of the drug development life cycle, from preclinical to clinical, to scale up manufacturing, require CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls).

The activities from the different functions (method development/validation, clinical trial managers, project team, engineering, regulatory, …) should be carefully planned to efficiently make progress toward the next stage

Many different tasks

CMC departments have to deal with a variety of activities that needs to be performed.

Many skills

You need skilled people with expertise in method development, validation, clinical trails, regulatory, etc.

A tight schedule

What are the capacity roadblocks ahead? Will we lack CMC experts, clinical writers, regulatory project leaders? How much should we outsource to CRO’s? Where should we flex between teams?

Correct execution

Above all, you need to ensure that the sequence of activities for drug development is correctly executed.

How Binocs solves this for you

Binocs is the easiest resource planning cloud solution for capacity and operational planning for CMC. Binocs simulates the detailed resource assignments for you. You detect bottlenecks early, simulate outsourcing & insourcing, actively decide on priorities.

Fostering a committed and high performing organization

Capacity planning with Binocs

Get all demand in one system

1 single source of truth

To integrate the “disintegrated” world of planning, you need a single source of truth of demand for all teams involved in CMC. The work comes from:

Large projects

Often known in PPM (project portfolio management), but without workload information.


Parallel work (eg. life cycle work)

The functional teams involved in CMC have more work than what is known in the PPM and the Excels: their internal projects, validations, audits,… have an impact on CMC projects.

Binocs connects the dots

Focus on creating value, not on verifying data.

  • Binocs reads projects from PPM and translates this to a sequence of executable tasks. All automatically, based on the CMC operating model. Without user input.
  • Other work (other product related projects and routine task): if known in other systems, it’s automatically interfaced. No double input!
  • Internal work: By means of a template, you can indicate on a consolidated level how much time goes into meetings, knowledge-sharing, training and other non-CMC-related work.


Binocs will automatically level this workload across weeks, months and quarters.

End- to- end visibility

Demand and resource requirements are consolidated across projects and functions end to end. When projects are added, changed, stopped or postponed it is visible to the organization and immediately reflected in capacity requirements.

Forward-looking KPIs

Whatever your past has been, you have an impeccable future.

A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance

Binocs measures planning adherence as well as resource utilization and throughput. To ensure that the KPIs are reliable, Binocs will also consolidate drug development process health checks.


Be able to bend future performance

Because Binocs uses advanced planning algorithms, it will tell you what the expected planning adherence and resource utilization KPIs are for the next weeks and months.


Unleash your performance dashboards

Binocs comes with ‘Performance Twin’, configurable dashboards, accessible from anywhere

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One connected plan

  • Connected planning horizons
  • Connected teams, across the globe
  • In sync with your RIMS and change management system

Zero input

  • Teach the machine how you work
  • Map also non-drug development-related activities to get the full demand picture

Immediate insights

  • Find the root causes at a glance, but…
  • Also find the solutions in the blink of an eye

Forward-looking KPIs

  • A balanced set of KPIs to drive your performance
  • Unleash your performance dashboards

Blogs & cases from the field

GSK Vaccines Global Regulatory Affairs (a team of 400+ people) presented their experiences with Binocs resource planning at the Making Pharmaceuticals conference that was held in Brussels on March 14th. Why did GSK GRA implement resource management? Why did GSK GRA choose for Binocs? And......

Business context  We are a global regulatory affairs department that submits 1000+ submissions/year. We need to make and support delivery commitments to regulatory authorities and our internal supply chain and production partners. It is an understatement when we say that this is challenging. Improvement potential ......

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